The New Beginning

How It All Began

i was reading the Bible the other day and it dawned on me that the world was created in only 7 days. It began 6,000 years ago, or 4.5 billion years, if you prefer. The world came into existence in only seven days. The world began off as dark and empty . The only thing on Earth was the ocean and the Spirit of God. Light was created when God said ” Let there be light,” ( Genesis 1:3). Darkness and light are two different things, so God separated them both (Day One). In order for the water to be separated from water God created the sky (Day two). Land was created soon after, and on that land  vegetation was produced, such as seed-bearing plants, and fruit trees ( Day three). Light, in the sky was used to separate the day from the night and it was used as a sign to mark the seasons, days and years.  Light needed to be present during Nighttime too, so God made a separate light for the day and a separate light for the nighttime. The light during the day was much greater than the light of the night. Stars were also useful in  providing light (Day four). Besides from the plants, earth was bare so God created living creatures in the water and in the sky, and they were distinguished by their kind (Day five). Land animals were created and also distinguished by their kind. Men were made in accordance to Gods image and his likeness. Men were created to be dominant over all the creatures that move on the ground, that swim in the water, and that fly in the air. Female were also created in Gods likeliness.  Men, Women, land animals, sea animals, and sky animals began to multiply. The purpose of Men and Women were fill the earth and subdue it. Trees and plants that bare seeds were used to feed the men and women.  Everything green was suppose to be the food for everything with a breath of life (Day six). On the seventh day, the Sabbath Day, the World was finished so God rested. The Sabbath Day is significant because it represents a day of rest and pace from your work. One of the Ten Commandments is also to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

( Day 1)

(Day two)

(Day three)

(Day four)

sun and moon tree 2(day five)

(Day six)

(Day seven)

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